Eddie StrangeJr.

THE SilverBaX
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SilverBaX Founder ,Eddie Strange, was born and raised in a small rural town named Toomsboro, Ga just about 40 minutes outside of middle Ga. Strange has always had big dreams, ever since a kid, becoming a professional athlete was on the list of goals, but do to size he was not truly given an opportunity. The size of his heart is what gave him all the ambition he needed in order to keep grinding . Strange always kept sports in his heart through family and friends.

       When Bud Dupree (cousin) made his presence known on the football field in Lexington, Home of the Kentucky Wild Cats , Strange's dreams were revived. Dupree went on to be one of the greatest football athletes to come out of the University of Kentucky, which led him to be the 22nd pick in the 2015 NfL draft for the Pittsburg Steelers. Strange felt it was time to light a fire on the SilverBaX Brand and create a legendary brand for all to wear.